Ford States Ford Sync 4 Really a Cellphone on Wheels

disruption Nov 25, 2019

For those of you that follow me you have heard me make the statement. “Going forward vehicles should be considered smart phones on wheels….

Well it looks like Ford’s chief engineer, Gary Jablonski agrees when he recently stated, “Sync 4 is really a cellphone on wheels now” when discussing Ford’s new Sync 4 system! Jablonski went on to state that “Connectivity technologies in vehicles are an important part of the purchase decision, for some customers even more important than the horsepower or fuel economy,”

If you have not heard yet, Ford’s new all-electric SUV, the Mach-E, will include Sync 4, including a 15 inch display screen! The new Sync system offers a more accurate navigation system, a standard 24/7 internet connection, built-in music streaming service as well as Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto.

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