Mazda I-Activesense ADAS Test Drive Checklist

Jan 09, 2020

IMPORTANT:    Always be careful of traffic conditions and safety around the vehicle

                        Your test vehicle may not be equipped with all safety systems

Adaptive Front-Lighting (AFS)

  • Verify system points low-beam headlights in the direction of vehicle travel

High-Beam Control (HBC)

  • Verify system auto switches high-beams to low-beams when system detect taillights of vehicle ahead OR headlights of oncoming vehicle
  • Verify system auto switches high-beams to low-beams in brightly lit areas OR speed slower than 18 MPH/30 km/h

Driver Attention Alert (DAA)

  • Minimum speed required 40MPH/65 km/h
  • Verify system generates a chime sound and presents warning in Information Display

Lane Keep Assist (LAS)

  • Minimum speed required 40MPH/65 km/h
  • Verify system provides steering assistance when vehicle begins to leave lane
  • With Lane Trace: Verify system automatically keeps vehicle centered in lane

Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM)

  • Verify system provides visual and audible warnings when vehicles approach from behind and adjacent lane.
  • Verify icon on each mirror appears and, if turn signal used, system generates warning beep

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA):

  • When in (R)everse, verify system provides visual and audible warnings when other vehicle(s) approach from side or rear.

Radar Cruise Control (RCC)

  • Verify acceleration and deceleration between vehicle and vehicle in front.
  • Verify system displays following distance in Information Display

Rear Vehicle Monitoring (RVM)

  • Minimum speed required 9MPH/15 km/h
  • Verify system generates audible alarm and presents visual warning signals in appropriate mirror

Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

  • Verify system presents visual warning signal in Information Display and “rumble strip” warning sound when vehicle leaves lane without turn signal

Emergency Signal System (ESS)

  • Verify system automatically causes hazard lights to flash after sudden braking at speeds greater than 31MPH/50 km/h.

Forward Obstruction Warning (FOW)

  • Verify system automatically generates an alarm and visual alert when an obstacle appears in front of the vehicle.


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