Volkswagen VW.os Vehicle Ecosystem

oem ecosystems volkswagen vw Sep 03, 2019

Another vehicle manufacturer has announced its own “ecosystem”. VW recently announced it plans to spend almost $4.0 BILLION ($USD) to create a group-wide platform and digital services platform for the "Volkswagen We" ecosystem that makes the car the central hub on the Internet of Things.

This system is being designed to complement the Volkswagen in-car experience and enable customers to take their world into their VW vehicle. Volkswagen already offers its customers the following applications: "WePark", the parking app with integrated billing, "WeDeliver", parcel delivery to the trunk, and "WeExperience", personalized offers and recommendations near the car park. Volkswagen is now expanding its portfolio with "WeShare" and entering the car sharing business. VW expects the new ecosystem to enter selected markets in the U.S. in 2020.

In addition to the new ecosystem, VW is also introducing a new, much simpler vehicle IT infrastructure that eliminates a large number of separate electronic control units (ECU’s), there are as many as 70 ECU’s in a vehicle today, and will move to just a few computers with a unified operating system named “vw.OS”. Buckle up...this is going to be fun!!!!!

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